Generation Skincare: Vitamin C Serum.


I recently purchased the ‘Generation Skincare Vitamin C Serum’ from Amazon after casually stalking their instagram profile for a while. Why I hear hear you ask…? Have a read- you may be convinced too!

How does Vitamin C actually help?

Vitamin C is great not just for the body when ingested, but for the skin too. Vitamin C comes in lots of different forms, one of which is Ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid, when used in skincare, helps aid younger looking skin, which feels firmer and evens out skin tone/pigment. Vitamin C, mixed with 2 other key ingredients is mainly the reason why Generation Skincare’s serum works wonders.

Hyaluronic acid: whats the hype?!

Hyaluronic acid not only revitalises skin to feel smoother, softer and appear more radiant, but it can enhance your skins moisture hugely. With skin being nourished and hydrated, the appearance of lines and wrinkles improves. I know… the word ‘acid’ sounds scary, but hyaluronic acid is suitable for oily, sensitive or even breakout prone skin.

Why Generation Skincare?

Generation Skincare state that ‘After doing much research and spending months in a lab with a few Skin Doctors and Beauticians, we finally created and developed an extremely high-quality advanced serum which has been proven to create miracles for your skin. We managed to add the
exact amount of ingredients including Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid to maximise the effect. Each ingredient has just the right amount to compliment the other ingredients which bring them to all work together as a team and create magic wonders. This is the reason we do not disclose any of the percentages of each ingredient on the label. This will always be our secret!’

For me, the main selling point was that the product is 100% natural and has not been tested on animals. The serum is a water based product, therefore is not greasy, nor does it leave an oily residue on the skin. It also smells incredible! (if you like the smell of oranges)

What do I do? 

I apply the serum after moisturising in my nightly skincare routine. At first, the serum feels quite sticky, however, once on the skin it soaks in very quickly. You may find that you want to mix it with moisturiser to calm down the stickiness! Directions state to use 10-15 drops on face/neck/lips, however, I feel that 8-10 drops gives my face plenty of coverage.

Generation Skincare state that ‘Your skin may react or feel irritated at first, however, allow a week to adapt to it. Generally, irritation and itchiness are clear signs the serum is working.’ However, I did not experience any irritation or itchiness with the product.
Generation Skincare also state that their Vitamin C serum can be used as a primer or base for makeup. Although I have not tried this product as a base, it is quite watery, therefore I am not sure it would make the best primer for my full coverage matte foundations.

What I do know is that when used in the evening along with my usual night time skincare routine, my skin feels plump, hydrated, smoother and tighter when I wake up the next morning.

If you interested in purchasing/finding out more about the Generation Skincare Vitamin C Serum, please follow @generatioskincare on instagram, or the link to the serum is as follows:


Lots of love,


Katy x  


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